The Versatile Blogger Award


It’s been over a month since I was nominated by the wonderful gettingthroughanxiety for the Versatile Blogger Award. All I can do is now apologise for how long it has taken to post this! I mean, deary me. (It certainly did not help by me writing out half of the post earlier, freezing in the car after a hasty dog walk, to have the draft fail to save. Thankyou WordPress app.)

So firstly, I want to thank you, gettingthroughanxiety for nominating me. What struck me most was not the promotion of my blog on yours, not even the nomination for the award, as beautiful as it is, it was the fact that I was the simple fact that I was acknowledged. That I was noticed. And not just noticed, but liked and cherished enough to be shared and nominated in this way. It is something deeply rooted within me and my mental illnesses, that whenever a person even says hello to me, I am astounded. I constantly tell myself that I am not good enough, that I am “not allowed to” talk to people, to share my opinions, to exist really. But this nomination, as cheesy as it sounds, genuinely brought me joy in this horrible, all consuming existence of relapse.

Now: onto the rules.

  1. Thank the person that nominated you & include a link to their blog.
  2. Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice. (I mean I won’t be able to even name that many, never mind have a chance to choose from the blogs I follow and cherish, so certainly name less if you cannot get 15.)
  3. Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.
  4. Share 7 facts different facts about yourself.

Aha, now the facts: eeeeeep I don’t know!

  1. I am 16 years old (born a Gemini on the 17th June 1999). I guess this makes the blog and my story ever more poignant, right?
  2. I’ve struggled with mental illness for I’d say 5 years already, but certainly before then without ever realising. I was forced into recovery on the 27th September 2013.

Hmmm this is hard hehe. My mind is screaming at me that I’m not worth listening to etc.

  1. I play guitar? (I guess that’s past tense now because I haven’t played it in so long because of this rubbish illness eating ((pun intended)) away at my brain.) I started in Year 3, so that’s 8 years ago!
  2. I have never ever broken, fractured, etc. any bones. I’ve always wanted to though? I don’t know, I feel like I’m missing out somehow haha… Just let that one slide.
  3. Me and my Dad are the only two people in the entire extended family with brown eyes J
  4. I used to be very musical and took drama as a GCSE (that I sadly had to drop). Before that I played the main role of Cinderella in Cinderella and Rockerfella in my primary school and made people cry when I sang solo which was amazing! (Please don’t think I’m boasting, please. It’s been so long since I last sang that my voice has gone.)
  5. One day, in another life, I would like to be the person who names all of the earthquakes haha. I mean who does it??

So there’s my pathetic teenage life for you. If you read this, thank you for putting up with me.

And now for my nominees:

  1. Bellaxo from alwayshc3pe (thanks so much for contributing to my post The Truth Of Eating Disorders)
  2. My OCD Voice (sorry I don’t know your name)
  3. Ramblingsofateenagepoet
  4. Sophie Anastasia from asmileywayoflife
  5. Lauren A Houston from ramblesoftherecovering

And I’m so sorry if I missed someone 😦 I love so many blogs.

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